Manufacturer :Bandai

Scale :1/14

Series :HG Iron-Blooded Orphans , 037

Original :Mobile Suit Gundam

Release Date : Early Apr., 2017

– Official Gaiden Gundam Astaroth nemesis that appeared in the Mobile Suit Gundam Blood and iron Orufenzu month steel] [Gundam vual] is kit!

– Deployment gimmick the Astaroth origin was conscious

Adopt a deployment gimmick in a backpack as an original gimmick. Reproduce the settings you have installed a Astaroth origin original armor.

– Comes with a variety of weapons!

Mining hammer, Spartan shield, Ghraib ?? 1

– Customizable also be combined with the Orpheus lens series of other HG Blood and iron!

First reproduce the arms shape of the exposed Gundam frame in the HG series.

Waist and back of the joint by HG Blood and iron of Orpheus lens series, parts mounting and recombination can also be of other products.

– Accessories: mining hammer ?? 1, Spartan shield ?? 1, shoulder shield ?? 1, ?? 1 Ghraib

Weight 800 g