Gundam Tallgeese III OZ-00MS2B(MG)


In stock


In stock


Manufacturer : DABAN Model

Scale : 1/144

Series : HGFA Gundam W EW , EW-02

Original : Mobile Suit Gundam

Release Date : Jun. 30, 2017

Weight : 245g

From “Gundam W Endless Waltz”, MG 1/100 Tallgeese III, kit finally! !

– Or intends Yo Shi or marketing representative to have let these multiply name even in the wind “cormorant Lee down de” of fire-extinguishing

– The shape reproduced in the new part head characteristic, the shoulder!

– It comes with the new shape of the MG-compliant armed numerous!

– Deployment gimmick installation of Mega Cannon gun barrel! Can reproduce without replacing the two forms of the storage state and the unfolded state.

Reproduced by a combination of parts [heat] rod supple shape. Parts for length adjustment is included, can be adjusted to the length of your choice.

Portability is possible to [shield] left arm. Reproduce the stored state of the heat rod tip.

Can be replicated in the state of tip replacement parts, the expansion of the heat rod

– figure comes with the new!

Figure “wind” Wind “of firefighters” thing ZX-Marquis (Standing / Sitting)

– Water transfer decal comes with new design!

Comes armed: Mega Cannon / Heat rod / saber / shield

Weight 2000 g