Gundam Fighter Reshipment 1/100 Scale (MG)


In stock


In stock


Manufacturer : TT Hongli

Scale : 1/100

Grade : M


Origin : Gundam W

Articulations are excellent, credit to Bandai.

Head/Neck: Excellent! 😉

Shoulder: Pretty Good, consider it is mounted as 1 piece with the arm.

Arm/Elbow: Good.

Wrist: Good.

Hand: Good. This kit comes with fixed hand so some might not like it

Waist: Good. No hindrance 😉

Skirt Armour: Very good. All 6 skirt armors could move individually.

Hip/Tight: Excellent.

Knee: Excellent.

Ankle: Good.

Feet: Good.

Weight 3000 g