Gundam Desert Fighter XXXG-031/Sandrock (MG)


In stock


In stock


Manufacturer : TT Hongli

Scale : 1/100

Grade : MG

Origin : Gundam W

This is the same design of Diffusing Cloak included in the HG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Kai in the 1996 Gundam W series… Even the instruction leaflet is taken from the old manual where the numbering is meaningless here.

Despite the old design, I still feel the sincerity of TT Hongli and welcome this as the 1st batch premium.

Some might wonder if TT Hongli did any changes to the Sandrock or the Cloak mechanism for them to fit, and I can tell you the answer is NO. Bandai actually incorporated the interoperability of the old cloak with the new kit but just did give us the cloak as an extra.

Articulations are excellent, credit to Bandai.

Head/Neck: Excellent! The neck mechanism allows it to Sandrock to look up without much issue.

Shoulder: Pretty Good, consider it is mounted as 1 piece with the arm.

Arm/Elbow: Good.

Wrist: Good.

Hand: Good. This kit comes with fixed hand so some might not like it 😛

Waist: Good. No hindrance 😉

Skirt Armour: Very good. All 6 skirt armors could move individually.

Hip/Tight: Excellent.

Knee: Excellent.

Ankle: Good.

Feet: Good.

Weight 3000 g