Gundam Blitz GAT-X207 (MG)


In stock


In stock


Manufacturer : DABAN MODEL

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade Cosmic Era

Origin : Gundam Seed

Very solid legs with excellent parts separation! Normal tutorial seldom talk about panel lining black parts, but some metallic color (in the case of Blitz, Metallic, Red, Metallic, Purple, Silver and Gold) will make it looks even nicer.

Parts separation is near excellent. The lower abdomen allow the upper body to tilt in all direction, adding a great deal of pose-ability to the kit.

You can basically paint everything separately.

Articulations are very good! Bandai did great with the new SEED series!

Head/Neck: Good!

Shoulder: Very good!

Arm/Elbow: Excellent!

Wrist: Good.

Hand: Good.

Waist: Very Good!

Skirt Armour: Good.

Hip/Tight: Excellent!

Knee: Excellent!

Ankle: Good.

Feet: Good.

Weight 3000 g