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Dragon’s Crown – Reg3 – PS Vita


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In stock

Brandish your blade, dust off your grimoire, and rally your online adventuring party.

Dragon??s Crown thrusts you into a fantastical medieval world packed with labyrinthine dungeons to explore, vile monstrosities to smite, and nearly endless online adventure. Your mission is to dive into the dank underworld, uncovering treasure and strengthening your mettle as you unlock the secret behind the ancient dragon threatening the world.


Key Features:

Descend into a labyrinth underground world on a quest to unlock the secrets behind a mighty dragon that threatens the land

Hunt for hidden treasure, items and weapons that will maximize your power and aid you on your mission

Embark on a variety of different, daring quests throughout endless dungeon worlds in addicting, long-lasting gameplay

Battle deadly dragons and other fearsome foes in massive boss battles

Customize and raise your character to experience the world in exciting new ways

Join forces with your friends and conquer monsters together

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