Avengers Marvel Black Widow 1/10 Scale


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In stock


Manufacturer : Kotobukiyav

Scale : 1/10

Material : PVC

Producer : Junnosue Abe

Series : Artfx

Original : Marvel Universe

Size/Weight : 27.2 x 17.5 x 12.6 cm / 448g

– Assembled one after another! Woman spy of the fascination is war! !

– Comic MARVEL universe of which was renewed in 2012 [MARVEL NOW! ].

– And when the 2014. start a three-dimensional plan that Kotobukiya was used design of this new story.

– Lead designer of this Avengers series, draw the Ironman Ekusutorimisu], And that it worked even concept art movie version of [Iron Man], Writer Adi Guranofu, who dictated the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

– I do three-dimensional sequentially Avengers members based on the artwork drawn by Mr..

– The second bullet, and physical ability astounding worn by the harsh training of the KGB but flesh and blood,

Female spy to show the activity based on a wealth of combat experience and the art of war, the rich tactical [Black Widow] is added.

– Long Hair Redhead, and its battle suit of enamel leather full gloss cover the whole body

Chest peeping from suit, Widow’s byte of both wrists, etc. handgun that has in both hands, the characteristics of her

We have three-dimensional densely ranging from the pressing details.

– ARTFX (Art FX plus) to be deployed at a low price and high quality the size that it is easy to collect

On a scale of 1/10 all, the series, set up a magnet in the sole figure of the body.

– I can fix in the magnetic force a square pedestal provided.

– Collect teammates Avengers to be released one after another, assembled at home by all means Let me!

Weight 1000 g