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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters – Reg1 – PS Vita


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In stock

This supernatural Visual Novel with Romance elements is seperated into two parts. In the first part, Players will be investigating the mysterious events at the Kurenai Academy High School in a visual novel format. While those familiar with this genre will realize that the choices made will effect the ultimate outcome of the game, the selection of choices in Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters are substantial – players will choose from 5 different emotions and the 5 human senses to convey their desires.

The second part is the battle part, and it is just as unique and uncoventional as the mashup presented in this game. As ghost hunters, players will face the challenge of setting traps on a board like grid with focus on strategy, intuition and risk. There are also many exciting visual effects that signify success and failure as to keep things fresh.

Originally from Arc System Works, ASKYS has brought this game westward, and by featuring high grade Japanese talent – Final Fantasy’s Nobuo Uematsu composes the music – Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters is indeed a title for those who enjoy cerebral gaming as well as unique visual novels.

More Than Just a Visual Novel – Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters offers two modes: a story and battle. Each episode (13 total) is comprised of one of each. Choose wisely, as each decision you make in either mode will decide your fate!
13 Episodes of Unfinished Business – Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters offers 13 tales of ghosts and exorcism. In story mode, players will need to choose carefully and gain more friends in order to battle things that go bump in the night
Sense Your Own Path – Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters implements an innovative choose-your-own-path system by which the decisions you make affect your path. Want touch something? Great! How about smell it

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